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Infamous for its pristine white sandy beaches, unbelievably crystal clear waters and beautiful skyline, Nassau, is the most popular of destinations when considering  yacht charters in the Bahamas Islands. It is the capital and largest city of the Bahamas. Nassau, originally named as Charles Town, was burnt by the Spanish in 1684 and renamed in 1695. This spectacular island represents a unique blend of Spanish, British and West African traditions and styles.

The island, known for its popularity and paradise like surroundings was also the filming spot for the James Bond movies - “Thunderball” and “Never Say Never Again.” Nassau Island's long stretches of fine white sand beaches and warm azure waters have appeared as the stunning backdrop to these iconic films. Among outdoor enthusiasts, Nassau is known for its coral reefs, diving, snorkeling and fishing destinations. There are four snorkeling locations that are among the best in Nassau. The waters are peaceful and serene, perfect for swimming down to the colored coral reefs that will surely delight your eyes as you gaze into the waters to explore ocean wildlife.

Nassau is also renowned throughout the world as the go to fishing destination. From light tackle fishing to fly-fishing, Nassau Island is ideal for your next fishing adventure. Besides these watersports activities, Nassau also boasts luxurious casinos and world class golf courses. So whether you prefer to relax on its uncrowded beaches or want to experience its exotic night life, Nassau is great for private and luxurious yacht charters. From peaceful relaxation to non-stop excitement, Yachts Bahamas Charters has luxury yachts to match your Nassau vacation needs. Contact us to find the right yacht charter for your next beach vacation in the Nassau Islands - the real Bahamas.