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The Complete Guide to Bahamas Boat Rentals

Boating in the Bahamas is a wonderful way to explore its breathtaking islands and turquoise waters. To make the most of your vacation, it's important to find the perfect boat rental for your needs. With our guide, you'll get all the information you need to know about safety, prices, and types of boats available for…
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Great Hammerhead Shark Diving While Sailing In The Bahamas

The Bahamas – archipelago of 700 islands – is situated where the Western Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. The crystal clear blue waters offer amazing sailing experiences in the Bahamas along with a range of dive adventures for scuba divers. The dive conditions are impressive year round and divers can dive through tunnels, caverns,…
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Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary while Sailing the Bahamas

The wedding anniversary is a special occasion during which a couple has an opportunity to reflect on their relationship. For those celebrating the significant landmarks such as 10th anniversary, silver or golden wedding anniversary, it becomes important to do something different and unique that truly highlights the importance and longevity of their relationship. If you…
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