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Best Tourist Destinations Bahamas


An archipelago of over 700 islands, the Bahamas is a key destination location for tourist and repeat tourist from all over the world. The Bahama Islands are a central location where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean, but more importantly the name is synonymous with relaxation and enjoyment. The subtropical climate makes vacationing conditions in the Bahamas extraordinary year-round, and the water temperature at its December coldest temperature is a warm 75 degrees making for great water activities as well. Water sports like yachting, scuba, fishing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing, and more are what originally made the Bahamas trendy, but many movies and interesting island events have increased the allure and popularity of the gorgeous Bahama Islands which many actors now call home.

For nature lovers and those seeking adventure, the islands are full of fun activities ranging from cave exploring, and hiking trails to pink sandy beaches and cavern diving. Many of the islands have a variety of fun filled activities to offer with most including great eating and happy hour spots. Whatever your interest might be, we invite you to read through the short list of island hot spots and what they have to offer in the Destination Locations on this page. For great Destination Scuba spots simply click on the link provided here.


Infamous for its pristine white sandy beaches, unbelievably crystal clear waters and beautiful skyline, Nassau, is the most popular of destination when considering.

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Surrounded by lively blue green waters, the Exumas is an archipelago of 365 cays and islands – which means you have 'A cay for every day of the year.

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These pictures are just glimpses of what your vacation in Turks and Caicos Islands could be like. Join us aboard one of our Turks and Caicos Islands luxury yacht charters.

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The Staniel Cay is the diamond pendant in the sparkling necklace of the Exumas.” It is a small island in the Exuma chain of islands, located roughly 75 miles south of Nassau.

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Paradise Island is located just off the shore of Nassau Island. Formerly known as Hog Island, it is best known for its powder-white sand beaches, casinos.

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Boasting one of the world's best Bahamas beaches, Harbour Island is famous for its whimsical pink-sand beaches, shimmering sunsets and turquoise waters.

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The fourth largest island in the Bahamas chain of islands, Grand Bahama is a nature lover's paradise. Located just 55 miles from the coast of Florida, Grand Bahama.

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With endless pineapple fields, secluded coves and miles of coastlines, Eleuthera is equally as alluring as the many other islands of the Bahamas. Eleuthera.

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