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Enjoy Exciting & Adventurous Fishing Excursion in The Bahamas

From the most impressive beach – Pink Sand Beach to the world's deepest known salt water blue hole, Dean's Blue Hole, The Bahamas is a perfect destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Surrounded by endless deep-blue sea teeming with big predators including marlin, tuna, tarpon, sharks and a variety of tropical fish, The Bahamas is renowned as one of the great fishing destinations in the world. From world-class fly fishing in the flat beds of the Exumas, to bone fishing in the Bonefishing Capital of the World, Andros, you are sure to have a great fishing experience during your dream vacation in The Bahamas. Here's a list of great fishing destinations in the Bahamas that are a must add to your yacht charter itinerary when creating perhaps the most exciting and memorable yachting charter you will ever experience.

Grand Bahama - “Best for Fly Fishing”

Whether you're a first-timer casting from a pier or a deep-sea enthusiast looking to break a world record, The Bahamas provides a vast expanse of opportunites ranging from flats for fly fishing to the deep waters for trophies. In the Grand Bahama, Deep Water Cay is the best place for bonefishing. Here you can expect to find Marlin, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Bonefish, Wahoo or Barracuda to name a few. You may also try deep-sea fishing, bonefishing and reef fishing in the waters surrounding the Grand Bahama.

Fly Fishing Grand Bahama

Exuma Sound – “Best for Deep Sea Fishing”

The Exumas – a 100-mile long strip of exquisite beauty, stretching from Beacon Cay in the north to Hog Cay and Sandy Cay in the south – not only just guarantees spectacular bonefish action, but also excellent deep-sea fishing. In the depths of the Exuma Sound, deep-sea fishing enthusiasts will find massive groupers, red snappers, barracuda, blue marlin, dolphin, kingfish, and tuna. Avid anglers test their skills and vie for the coveted title of “Best Fishermen at both the Hand Line and Lion Fish” tournaments.

Deep Sea Fishing Exuma Sound

Rum Cay - “Best for Offshore Fishing”

Rum Cay is a deep-water island with its rolling hills, stunning coral reefs, crystal-clear turquoise water and sandy shorelines, but for sport-fishing enthusiasts, it is fertile fishing paradise! Just offshore in the crystal-clear turquoise waters is an abundance of vibrant marine life that makes this southern Bahamian landmass a great place for offshore fishing. The only place in the Bahamas where you can catch Giant Bluefin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna and Conch. Besides these giant marine species, you can expect to find lobster, grouper and snappers as well.

Offshore Fishing Rum Cay

Berry Islands - “Best for Big Game Fishing”

Berry Islands, often referred to as “The Fish Bowl of the Bahamas,” is composed of 30 islands and 100 cays. The best places to fish in the Berry islands include Shark Beach, Sugar Beach, Back Creek, Bullocks Flat, Ligumvitae Cay, Goat Cay and Chub Cay (which is “The Billfish Capital of The Bahamas”). Some of the big game fish species that can be caught are blue and white marlin, mahi-mahi, and wahoo. Bonefish, mackerel, crawfish and conch are also plentiful. Reef fishing and fly fishing are also popular here because of the array of coral reefs and bonefish available here.

Big Game Fishing Berry Islands

Andros – “Best for Bonefishing”

With thousands of miles of inland waterways, 140-mile long reef, and extensive fishing flats, Andros provides world-class conditions for fly fishermen in pursuit of bonefish and tarpon. Known as the “Bonefishing Capital of the World” and “Land of the Giants,” Andros is part of the area of a National Nature reserve which gives access to untapped fishing locations. You can head out to the North where you can find largest bonefish or the Southside of Andros with its hard bottom and sandy flats that are home to huge schools of bonefish.

Bonefishing Andros

Harbour Island - “Best for Deep Sea Fishing And Bonefishing”

Beautiful beaches, snorkeling reefs, glitzy mix of hotels and restaurants, and best sailing and fishing spots, Harbour Island is the epitome of the ideal Caribbean getaway destination. Shallow waters off Harbour Island offer some of the best environment for bonefishing. Some anglers refer to Harbour Island as the "Sportfishing Center of the Bahamas.” The deep waters around Harbour Island host fish such as blue marlin, dolphin, or mahi-mahi, wahoo, white marlin, and sailfish.

Deep Sea Fishing And Bonefishing Harbour Island

Whether you want to fly fish, try your hands at bonefishing for the first time or prefer to troll big game gear, The Bahamas has a selection of deep sea locations, reefs, flats and fishing drop-offs with an abundance of fishing opportunities to suit your desires. These exotic destinations are an absolute gem and the ultimate vacation destination for your next trip. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your vacation now and book your private Bahamas fishing charters today and experience the unique Bahamian charm and its amazing fishing locations!