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Honeymoon in the Outer Islands of the Bahamas aboard Romantic Yacht Charters

Marriage, a divine relation that binds not just two families or individuals, but also two souls with an eternal bond for a lifetime! Why not add some more strokes of romance and affection with a pleasant honeymoon trip? But then… that one question strikes the mind: where to go?

Romantic Yacht Charters Bahamas

Well, no more worries in planning a dreamy honeymoon trip! The real charm of the Caribbean waters lies in the Out Islands, each with its own flavor and appeal, so consider an unforgettable honeymoon trip for an authentic Bahamian experience. Just pick up the most alluring destination and start your beautiful beginning together in the right destination, the Bahamas.

Romantic yacht charters in Bahamas is an incredible alternative which offers you an all-inclusive honeymoon vacation aboard your very own luxury yacht. It's a surprisingly easy and extraordinary way to begin your new life together in The Bahamas with a complete dedicated crew at your service 24*7. The best honeymoon destinations in the Out Islands of the Bahamas include Eleuthera, Harbour Island, the Exumas, Long Island, and Abacos to name a few. Venture through the details as to why these destinations are the first choice among newly weds for their honeymoon vacation.

Why the Bahamas Out Islands are the BEST for Your Honeymoon Trip

Usually couples seek out the secluded islands amongst all the Out Islands of the Bahamas so that they can spend alone time, walk hand-in-hand on the beach amid the lush green scenery while enjoying the sound of the waters of the Caribbean Sea splashing against the pink or white sand beaches.

Other reasons why the Out Islands of the Bahamas is the most preferred destination is the privacy one gets to experience in its beautiful tropical locations. Couples can also explore the caves and hidden cays, famous golf courses, dive into the crystal clear water, and try their hand at fishing.

Couples wishing to make their honeymoon in the 'Real' Bahamas a memorable experience by feeling the breeze off the palm trees dotted along the ocean, by leisurely strolling on the silky sand beaches and by taking in the breathtaking views of the sunset, can also experience activities ranging from snorkeling to diving and fishing to kayaking. The Out Islands are the perfect destination where your dream honeymoon can come true!

Lots to Do On a Caribbean Vacation in The Out Islands of The Bahamas

The Out Islands of the Bahamas is a tropical paradise for the travelers coming to Caribbean on their honeymoon as it is home to both authentic and off-the-beaten-path beach vacation destinations. Some of the thrilling yet romantic activities that you can participate in, include:

Fishing, Diving & Snorkeling

Ever wondered what draws the passionate divers and fisherman to the Out Islands? It is the crystal clear water, record-breaking game fish, thriving coral reefs, Gulf stream and offshore water which is home to bonefish. The diving and fishing excursions with your partner will truly make your Bahamas honeymoon a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Best destinations to dive in the Exumas is Washing Machine & Angelfish Blue Hole, Current Cut in the Harbor Island, and Conception Island Wall in the Long Island.


Bahamas Out Islands are home to not only the famed Pink Flamingoes and rare Bahama Parrot but also 43 other endemic species, other 100 kinds of birds can be found here. These islands also boast of more than 169 species of migratory birds, and the list is endless! There are many well-known spots in the Out Islands of the Bahamas for birdwatching including Eleuthera, Andros, and Abaco.

Island Hopping

Hopping between so many Out Islands is not an activity to choose, it’s a passion. The islands here form a chain, so the island hoppers can very easily cover two islands in a day, finding a new experience at each. Diving from one island to the next, bone fishing at the north end of Eleuthera then catching blue marlin off the coast of Harbour Island right after, these are some of our many guests choose to do.

Beach Combing

No matter where you go, the world's best beaches are found in the Out Islands of the Bahamas, and therefore beach-combing is one of the favorite activities visitors like to do here while on their vacation. Always along the shore you can witness something fascinating, be it a rare shell or exotic seed pod carried there by the currents. You can also try your hand at kiteboarding for an altogether exhilarating experience.

No matter what activities you choose to do or not to do, the fun is always waiting for you!! The Bahamas Out Islands have long been a paradise amongst newly weds. Experience world's best snorkeling, kayaking, bird watching, island hopping and many other activities while on the private romantic yacht charters in Bahamas.