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Planning Your Bahamas Trip on a Private Yacht? Plan Ahead!

The Bahamas….

It’s no wonder why the Bahamas are a sought-after destination amongst travelers, there are beautiful beaches, world-class spa facilities, super-exciting adventure spots, and more than 700 islands to explore. Plus, hiring a yacht charter in the Bahamas is the best way to experience these plentiful islands. If you are a first-timer, it is essential to plan accordingly, so that you don’t have any trouble with your luxury vacation.

Explore Destinations on your private yacht

The very first on your to-do list is booking your private charter. After booking, you can start planning your destinations with your charter specialist. On your private charter, you can explore hidden gems such as the Abacos and Exumas. Here you can explore the deserted islands and snorkel hidden reefs. If you are really looking for a lifetime experience, quickly hire a yacht rental in the Bahamas and visit your favorite destinations.

Now, you have decided to book your yacht. What’s next to do? Get the essential details.

Explore the hidden side of the Bahamas

Surely, the best way to explore the island is on a luxurious yacht. In the Bahamas, there are a total of 700+ islands & 2000 cays. Many of them are located a short distance from each other. This is why exploring these islands via a private yacht is the best decision over planes or ferries.

On a yacht, you can get the experience of beautiful beaches and multiple vacant islands in just a day. Each Island offers a different adventure and unique experience. For instance, Compass Cay in the Exumas gives you a chance to swim with gentle nurse sharks. Also, having your own private yacht makes it easier for you to visit Big Major Cay. This Cay has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, this is also the home to a group of friendly swimming pigs.

When should one go on Vacation in the Bahamas?

The best part of the Bahamas is you can plan a trip in any month of the year. There is incredible weather year around. So, no matter in which month you are planning to travel there. It is always open to its visitors. The climate of the Bahamas is quite similar to South Florida. Although Spring Break, New Year, and Christmas are the most popular times to book yacht rental in Nassau.

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What should be in your Itinerary?

Yachters have full freedom to choose Itineraries as per their taste. But, for your convenience, we have listed things that you can plan when moving around in the Bahamas. Have a look!

  1. Fishing – Always thought of wrestling with sharks or marlin? Well, this is the time to do that. The Bahamas is the best destination for sport fishing. Some yachts are fully equipped with fishing equipment. In Exumas, you can access all types of fishing including fly fishing, reef fishing, and deep sea fishing.
  2. Diving and Snorkeling – The aquamarine water of the Bahamas not only steals your heart but its crystal clear color will compel you to spend a lot of time there. Here, you can sail to the best reefs like Sea Park, the Pelican Cays land. And, since you are in a private yacht charter in Nassau, do not miss visiting the legendary dive spots like the James bond shipwreck site
  3. Watersports- Luxury yachts come up with numerous toys like paddleboards, kayaks, jet skis, tenders, etc. The crew on your yacht will direct you on how to use these toys while playing in the water..

How to book a yacht in the Bahamas?

The trip becomes even more exciting and thrilling if you have the best crew on your side. Yachts Bahamas Charters has professional and experienced crew members who make sure that you will get everything in your trip you are wanting. From arranging adventurous activities to food, and lodging, they take care of every single detail. So, when it comes to booking a boat rental in Nassau, contact our team today. For more information, you can also visit our website!

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