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Take A Tour Of The Stunning Rose Island On A Private Yacht Charter

Rose Island is a quiet private island situated about 25 minutes (by boat) away from the coast of Nassau. This amazing and wonderful island was once owned by Claude Turner until 2005 and was home to the plantations of pineapple centuries ago. This island is only 11-miles long and is contemplated as one of the best charter locations near Nassau. We highly recommend you chartering to this beautiful island as well as Green Cay.

Board Your Own Private Luxury Yacht

Your personal Rose Island Yacht Charter itinerary is entirely for you and your group, but here is a sample itinerary. Begin your half or full-day charter with the warm greetings accompanied with food and drinks onboard (per accommodations/vessel).  As soon as you start the short trek, you will get to see Beyonce's house and protected wildlife areas. We will also take you through the small island which was used for  "Gilligan's Island". After a 25-minute Yacht ride, we will arrive at Rose Island boasting private white crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches known for world-class snorkeling experiences.

Explore White Sandy Beaches

Please see below, the best beaches on Rose Island.

1. Begin your beach adventures along the northern coast of the island - a local boater of the first beach called it a cemetery because of a small sunken boat that is located here. This beach looks different every time you visit because the waves change the shape of the beach and coral mural structures. Walk, snorkel with active shoals, or relax.


2. Footprints beach, here there are grills and bars, to hang out with friends and family. On this beach, you can attend a beach lounge or volleyball for a quiet and peaceful experience. If you want to stay here and experience the nightlife you have to rent a cottage overnight due to the fact that this is a private island.


3. Sandy Toes Beachis yet again a private beach. Some local residents living here include a group of swimming pigs that all tourists want to visit. It is only open to guests with reservations and sometimes the list can get quite long. We recommend you booking your charter as soon as possible so you can potentially get to experience swimming with these famous pigs in the Bahamas.


4. McTaggart's Beach is located on the eastern edge of Rose Island. It is a large secluded beach with no facilities. Although there is no need to worry, we will have beverages and food for you. Relax here and soak up the Bahamian sun and sand.

Enjoy Snorkeling

At Yacht Bahama Charters, we offer our guests snorkeling gear to explore the underwater world of this private island. As you swim from the shore, you get to see wonderful coral reefs with colorful tropical fishes in their natural habitat. While snorkeling here, you can see Blue Marlin, Nassau Grouper, Lionfish, Spine Lobster, Barracuda, Blue Marlin, and more.

Go ForA Swim Or Kayak

At Yachts Bahama Charters, we have professionally trained and experienced crew members who will attend to your requests and surpass your expectations. Relax, snorkel, bring out the water toys and spend the day at your will.

Book Your Yacht Charter With Us

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