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Planning A Safe Chartering Experience In Bahamas Amid COVID-19

With the COVID-19 affects all parts of the world, you might have seen the banning of international flights and travels. However, this time, countries are loosening up regulations and restrictions so travelers can enjoy charter destinations such as the Bahamas.

Therefore, looking into the severity, YachtsBahamasCharters has decided to guide travelers planning to visit Bahamas and hire yacht charter Bahamas for complete enjoyment.

How to search for a yacht charter in Bahamas amid this pandemic?

Visiting Bahamas means traversing deep waters on a yacht rental Bahamas. You cannot imagine your trip to the Bahamas exclusive of charter hire and yacht ride. Therefore, while fulfilling all the norms of social distancing, YachtsBahamasCharters has made it possible for travelers to post queries and book Bahamas yacht charter online.

All you have to is visit the website and fill the form given on the “Contact Us” page. We will help in organizing a safe and affordable yacht rental for your next excursion to the Bahamas.


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Is it safe to book and stay on a yacht?

It is relatively safe to hire Bahamas yacht rental to stay on it rather than staying in a crowded 4-Star or 5-Star hotel. On the charter, you will have your close people and the staff. Our staff will be tested for COVID before your particular charter.

We have taken extreme steps to keep our fleet sanitized and free of any danger of COVID infection.

For more information, contact us for immediate assistance.

Is there any report or documentation needed?

Bahamas has allowed everyone to travel to the destination and book a charter for travel excursion. However, an RT-PCR report with a Negative result is mandatory as of currently. The report should not be older than five days of testing.

Unvaccinated travelers will be required to upload their reports while getting a Bahamas Health Travel Visa. You can apply for a travel visa at At the same time, vaccinated travelers can simply show the documentation of vaccination.

Travelers can also opt for travel insurance while filling the travel visa to Bahamas.

Do you need to quarantine before stepping into Bahamas?

No! If you have an RT-PCR (Negative Swab test) Test Report or have been vaccinated for both the shots, you don’t need to quarantine yourself.  Rest assured, can contact our experts for more information.

Is it going to be an expensive trip after COVID-19?

Well, the charges could be slightly higher based on extra safety and security, including PPE gears for staff, sanitization of Bahamas boat charter, etc. Some of the boat charter services may include the additional cost, but we cannot say this yet.

If you are worried about charter booking quotes at YachtsBahamasCharters, you can directly call us and give us the detail about the trip for the quote. We will take care of all your needs on board within your specified budget.

What are the restrictions a traveler should adhere to?

COVID-19 has brought a lot of restrictions for travelers to sail in Bahamas. some of the restrictions are –

Travelers should wear masks in public places; otherwise, they would be heavily fined for putting others life at risk

All must purchase their health travel visa to ensure their safety

Stick to guidelines of government to stay away from fine and imprisonment

Last but not least, be careful and follow the guidelines mandated by the Government of Bahamas during your travel. And, call us for Bahamas boat rental and related information and procedure.

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