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Dos and Don’ts For First Time Travelers in Exumas Island

Dos and Don’ts For First Time Travelers in Exumas Island

First-time travelers often look for extra information for their chosen destination, so they don’t mess up during their journey. As Exumas is a bustling destination, people often go overboard and make common mistakes as first-time travelers.

In this blog, we will address such issues and make you ready for your expedition. The dos and don’ts mentioned in this blog are not to make you afraid but to make you travel-ready for a beautiful journey.

If you follow every tip mentioned in this guide, you will enjoy your trip to Exumas to the fullest.


Don’t expect things to be cheap

This fact is worthy of mention because tourists from far lands feel overwhelmed after spending their hard-earned fortune on petty things. Economically, Bahamian Dollar (BSD) is at par with American Dollars (USD). Travelers who often come back don’t spend their money vehemently because they understand the vast difference between the two currencies. But the opposite is the case with first-timers. So, if you are planning to visit the Bahamas for the first time, think twice before spending too much.

In fact, if you plan your trip and make necessary arrangements like booking places to stay, chartering Exumas boat rental for a sailing expedition, everything will remain under budget.

Don’t plan to stay in a hotel

Staying in luxurious hotels in Bahamans might be one of your dreams, but this dream could cost your fortune unless you have enough money in your account. Hotels in the Exumas are luxurious and expensive. Instead, you can opt from Airbnbs and homestays, which are cheap and authentic. Staying with local Bahamian people will give an insight into common people’s lives, cultures, and traditions.

Don’t overstuff your luggage

This tip is self-explanatory, but very few people find it easy to follow. However, you must follow packing necessary clothing only. For stress-free packing, start planning one month prior to your journey. Pack only needed clothing, including daily wears, beachwear, skincare, and accessories. Also, make a list of must-have items according to the weather in the Exumas and your sailing trip. SPF, sports gears, and something warm for cold nights on waters are few essential things. As you book your Exumas yacht charter, you can ask related things in advance to stay well-prepared.

Don’t miss feeding swimming pigs

The pigs here a major attraction of tourists because they swim and swirl in water and lounge the whole day under the basking sun on beaches.

A few tourists started the culture of feeding these pigs, and it continued for decades. Tourists offer them cabbage and pieces of bread as their happy meal. The best part is that if you interact with locals, they have their version of the story to tell about swimming pigs. A few locals believe that a few merchants once left these swimmer pigs for latter meals; however, they never returned. Since then, these pigs have stayed here and bred. They come from woods, swim, and sunbathe to again vanish in the woods.

Don’t forget Exuma has 365 islands to explore

As you might have planned this trip for Exumas and nearby places to explore by booking an Exumas Yacht Rental, you must not forget that you have 365 islands options to consider. Well, that a huge number, but it depends on your trip duration and availability of funds. As you are in Exuma, don’t take a chance to miss visiting Staniel Cay.


Explore like there is no tomorrow

When you have more than 365 islands to explore, you can be optional and picky about the expeditions. Just enjoy whatever comes your way in Exuma: scuba diving, swimming with sharks, kayaking, or whatever. Even if you fear water, leave your fear aside for this trip and just enjoy!!

Hire a yacht rental to travel beaches

People will suggest you take a flight mostly for intra-islands travel. However, you should book an Exumas Boat Charter for some apparent reasons. You can put anchorage on any beach and enjoy for a detailed time as you wish. You will have your freedom in your hands. Plus, sailing on shallow waters in Exuma has its own thrill. You will thank us later.

Eat local delicacies and conch-related dishes

Local delicacies of Exuma islands are a must-try even if you are a picky eater. The freshness and flavor will sink you in for a moment. Locals here are known for serving delicious conch dishes, smoked Barbeque meats, and fresh fish.

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Stay a night under stars on a beaches

As you charter a yacht, you get the opportunity to spend a blissful night under the starry sky. Imagine you and your beloved partner lying beside each other watching stars in the moonlight!! It seems a romantic scene straight out of a movie. But, this movie scene can happen to you as well if you plan to charter a boat from a reliable service provider like YachtsBahamaCharters.

With these dos and don’ts tips, the blog comes to an end. Enjoy your trip to Exumas and bring back beautiful memories to cherish forever!!

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