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What Should You Expect While Sailing Through The Exumas?

What Should You Expect While Sailing Through The Exumas?

Located 120 miles South of Nassau, theExumas have impeccable options of cays and panoramic views. We recommend you have plenty of time and a good Exumas Boat Rental to explore this beautiful location. Your hired yacht rental agency must give you an experienced, knowledgeable captain to sail you through the best destinations in Exuma.


Things we recommend you experience while spending time in Exumas

  • Hidden cays filled with different activities

The most amazing part about the Exumas, is its’ hundreds of hidden cays. Each cay has something different to offer its’ visitors depending on their activity level. An experienced captain is extremely necessary to navigate these islands.

  • Hundreds of different islands to choose from

The Bahamas has more than 700 islands owing to their unique qualities and experiences. Out of the 700 islands, Exumas is the one that is noticeable for some of the clearest waters in the whole world.

  • Swimming with the Pigsexperience

Can you imagine pigs swimming in the water? Well, yes! The Exuma Pigs know how to swim and we highly recommend you experience this once in a lifetime adventure. In fact, throughout your Exumas Yacht Rentalyou can spot many different locations with swimming Pigs (Staniel Cay being the most popular).

  • Breathtaking experiences of snorkeling

The Exumasare known for their crystal clear water hence, the world's most loved snorkeling destination. For the avid snorkels we highly recommend snorkeling the sunken jet plane off of Normans’ Cay.

  • Traveling to two locations of James Bond films

For 007 fans, snorkeling in the Exumas has another added advantage due to the movie being filmed in Staniel Cay andThunderball Grotto. These locations were spotted on James Bond's two movies, Never Say Never and Thunderball. These locations have phenomenal snorkeling and diving.

  • Compass Cay shark experience

The Nurse Sharks that live here are slow-moving, bottom feeders therefor you can swim with them, snorkel with them and cruise with them. When you start planning to hire an Exumas Yacht Charter to reach Compass Bay, make sure to correlate with the charter consultant so they can appropriately plan your adventure to swim with the sharks.

  • Walk miles in the ocean at Mile-long Sandbar

With many adventures and breathtaking moments to spend in Exuma, walking miles in the ocean with your partner is the ultimate one. Here, the water is only knee-deep and hence walk-able. You can walk miles in the ocean and hunt for beautiful shells.

From Mile-long Sandbar, also known as Big Farmer's Cay, Copperfield Sandbar, or Musha Cay Sandbar, you can collect fully intact starfish and conch shells. Along with shell-hunting, you can enjoy seeing all the colorful Fishes, Sea Slugs and Sting Rays.

  • Sunbath with Iguanas at Leaf Cays

If you book an Exumas Boat Charter for your adventure, you should not miss sunbathing at Leaf Cays with giant Iguanas. Leaf Cays is a 40 acres Island that was once a property of Nicolas Cage. He sold it to the Bahamian Government because the mass amountof Iguanas living and breeding there.

Exumas Island is a complete destination to explore when you have a reputable yacht charter and a good captain. If you are starting to plan your trip, browse through the services of YachtsBahamasCharters.