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Book an Exumas Boat Rental For Unmatched Diving Experiences

Imagine exploring untouched coral reefs! This dream can come true when you are in Exumas, Bahamas. You can explore sunken coral reef banks and numerous different dive locations. Book an Exumas Boat Rental for your exploration needs. With a yacht, you can travel to different diving sites thriving with marine life. 

What makes Exumas popular for diving excursions?

The Bahamas has two extremely popular diving spots, the Exumas and Abacos. There, you can find pristine reefs and shallow waters to dive deep and enjoy the sea life in the Abacos. If you have plenty of experience in diving, the Exumas is an amazing selection for you. It offers canyon reefs, wall diving, shipwrecks, and underwater caverns for complete exploration. 

Therefore, both archipelagoes make great choices for divers, whether experienced or in-experienced. Going to numerous dive sites can be overwhelming. Thus, choose one destination, such as the Exumas, and learn about hiring Exumas Yacht Charterpotential places to explore, and the best diving sites. In the coming section, you will read about the best scuba diving sites in the Exumas. 

What are the best scuba diving sites in the Exumas?

  • Dog Rock Wall

Dog Rock Wall goes 20m deep past the diving limits. As you pass through the underwater canyons, you see vibrant colors and encounter some exquisite marine creatures, including Atlantic Spadefish. 

  • The Great Exuma Wall

It is the favorite spot for wall divers and offers beautiful sights of sharks, eagle rays, sea turtles, eels, and trumpetfish. The site is easy to reach as it is closely situated near the coast of Highbourne Cay.

  • Angelfish Blue Hole

Located at Stocking Island in an enclosed bay, Angelfish Blue Hole descends deep to 92 feet. As you dive in the water, you find a chamber to swim through and sight hose-eye jacks. 

  • Crab Cay Crevasse

Located at the South of George Town, Crab Cay Crevasse is a crescent-shaped depression. It drops vertically down on each side, making a unique cave to swim through. You can swim through this 15-90ft depression and experience the adrenaline rush. Your fun doubles when you have an Exumas Yacht Rental to take you there and guide you through. For the premium services and fleets, contact Yachts Bahamas Charters. 

  • Exuma Land And Sea Park

It is the world’s first sea park. Founded in 1958, it is well-protected and has an expansion up to 283 Sq kilometer. The sea park allows you to explore the exquisite reef, underwater caves, blue holes, and cavern dives. But there is a limitation; you can only reach this place with a private boat or charter. Explore the yacht rentals at and book an affordable fleet now. 

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What are the scuba-diving tips to follow?

We highly recommend you don’t miss out on diving underwater and experiencing the colorful and beautiful sites of marine life in the Exumas. Therefore, whenever you plan your trip to Exumas Island, make sure you have included scuba diving on your list. Here are some quick tips to follow when diving in the Exumas. 

  • Grab your diving certification. 
  • Enroll in a scuba-diving school for great experiences
  • Listen to your diving instructor well
  • Hire an Exumas Boat Charter for unaltered fun and exploration
  • Use good quality scuba diving gear
  • Break the ice between you and your buddy
  • Breath normally throughout your diving experience
  • Always read about the dive site before you go there
  • If you are first time diver, dive within your diving limits

Lastly, check for your diving insurance policy, and it should be with you while on the trip. Further, to ensure the experience is wholesome, always book an Exumas Boat Rental in advance. For the best deals, visit

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