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The Thrill of Wall Diving: Top 5 Scuba Dive Sites in the Exumas

The Exumas, an archipelago of 365 cays in the Bahamas, is an exotic collection of idyllic blue-sapphire waters, footprint-free beaches, huge underwater canyons, laid back surroundings, and thrilling dive sites. An absolute gem in the Bahamas Islands, the Exumas offers interesting and exciting wall dive sites for beginners and advanced divers alike. This spectacular archipelago is home to dramatic caves, lush coral walls, and enthralling marine encounters for adventure seekers. Though underwater enthusiasts can explore a new adventurous dive site every single day, you must visit these top Exumas scuba diving sites for an unforgettable wall diving experience.

Exumas Scuba Diving

• Dog Rock Wall

It's one of the favorite dive sites among avid divers. The Rock Wall site is surrounded by beautiful swim-throughs and underwater canyons. Located on the outer area of Ship's Channel Cay, this areas provides an unlimited opportunity to explore the wall site filled with beautiful varieties of the fascinating Black Corals, Orange Elephant Ear and Tube Sponge. The wall dive site is home to thousands of Atlantic spadefish and a number of other marine species. Don't forget to venture through the popular swim through of the Dog Rock Wall site - “The Church.”
Wall Dive Depth: 40-100+ feet

• Crab Mountain Wall

The Crab Mountain reef wall is a great dive site for both beginners and experienced divers who are looking to have a wonderful diving experience on their scuba charter excursion. This area contains many swim through canyons and overhangs that teem with groupers, barracudas, Atlantic spadefish, and sometimes you may even get a glimpse of a reef shark. If you have the time, check the nooks and crannies for moray eels.
Wall Dive Depth: 40-90+ feet

• Pillar Wall & Whale Tail Wall

Pillar Wall is a great wall dive site that starts at 30 feet and slopes to 50 feet. It features many caves and crevices that are home to corals, colorful fish and hammerhead sharks. Located just south of Wax Cut, Whale Tail Wall is a great site to explore parrotfish, reef sharks, and eagle rays.
Wall Dive Depth: Pillar Wall – 30-50 feet and Whale Tail Wall – 30+ feet

• Cathedral Wall

Part of the Dog Rock Reef Wall dive site, Cathedral Wall starts at 11-15m below the water surface. This site features an underwater tunnel teeming with numerous groupers and lion fish as well as black corals and tube sponges. Eagle rays and sharks are also known to visit the Cathedral dive site too. The underground tunnel creates a beautiful light show when the sunlight gets filtered through its walls.
Wall Dive Depth: Maximum 15 meters

• Blacktip Wall

This wall dive site became famous after Ned Deloach, reef books co-author, found the very rare Lemon goby. While diving the Blacktip Wall Site, you may also expect to spot hammerhead sharks.
Wall Dive Depth: 42 meters

• Shroud Wall

The Shroud Wall features flat calm seas and varieties of giant marine animals. Here you will see a friendly Reef Sharks, huge Barracuda, massive Nassau Grouper as well as many Lobsters.
Wall Dive Depth: 27 meters

• The Great Exuma Wall

It is directly off Highbourne Cay, a drop-off that faces the Exuma Sound. This dive site is abundant in coral reefs and prolific sea life such as sea turtles, eagle rays & sharks, angelfish, trumpet fish, turtles, lobsters, moray eels, and other pelagic sightings.
Wall Dive Depth: 75 feet

A hidden gem, the Exumas is the ideal spot for exploring its aqua clear waters, varieties of coral reefs and interesting undersea fauna & flora. The truly magical and exciting Exumas scuba diving sites provide breathtaking and fascinating dive experience to divers of all skill levels. The best of the Bahamas – diving the Exuma Cays will be a memorable experience on your scuba charter vacation.