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Post-COVID Tips For Your Next Travel Destination Nassau

Post-COVID Tips For Your Next Travel Destination Nassau 

As you all stayed indoors for one straight year and helped, altogether to curb the pandemic at such a large level, your favorite destinations are offering you the perk of your patience by opening up their tourism again, all while following the proper safety.

Tourism spots like Nassau, Bahamas, is all open for visitors but with a new normal – social distancing and a stay-safe approach. So, if you have been planning to explore Nassau, you are more than welcome, but you will have to follow specific guidelines as stated by the Bahamas government.

By following the defining regulations, you can easily book a yacht charter Nassau to enjoy paradise at its fullest.

The norms to follow while visiting Nassau 

1. Stick to the basic rules and regulation set by the Bahamas government

Unlike the days before the pandemic, you will have to maintain proper social distancing and follow norms as made mandatory by the Bahamas government. As the health and complete wellbeing of travelers is the responsibility of the Bahamas government when you enter the island, you need to stick to the rules made public by the government.

The rules are –

- Get vaccinated and carry an authorized vaccine report card with your travel documents (the accepted vaccines are Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer Moderna, and AstraZeneca)

- If not vaccinated, get tested with a valid RT-PCR not done before two weeks

- Maintain two weeks immunity period before commencing the journey

- Fill the form of Bahamas Health Visa, which is mandatory for the travel

- Only travel, when all members in your group have a Green Signal which declares the approved health visa

2. Get a valid RT-PCR done before getting onboard

Although it has been stated in the first paragraph as well yet this tip demands an individual mention. Whether you are traveling to Nassau, Bahamas, or any other travel destination, you must have a valid RT-PCR done, one that is not older than two weeks.

If you don’t have a valid report stating a negative status, you won’t be allowed to enter the destination by authorities.

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3. Book a yacht charter for an isolated and private party 

As you plan to travel to Nassau, Bahamas, we recommend you opt for an isolated space like a boat charter Nassau to stay safe during the travel. At the boat charter, you will be isolated with your health approved crew.

There you can have a private party or isolated sail without contracting the virus. The crew at the yacht will be tested fit for travel before coming onboard. However, you must distinguish a better service like YachtsBahamaCharters from the others for better deals and safety.

4. Always wear a mask wherever you go

Whether you are at the beach or relaxing on shore, if you’re not on a  yacht rental Nassau, you must wear a mask 24/7 when you are within 6 feet around.

5. Follow the local curfew routines as made mandatory by the government

Still, many travel destinations are not fully opened up. They still have dedicated time slots for pandemic curfew. Therefore, follow this proverb ‘in Rome, do as the Romans,’ follow the curfew guidelines strictly. If you are found violating the terms, you might be heavily fined and made to bear consequences in a totally strange place.

6. Keep a sanitizer handy onboard and keep cleansing/ sanitizing your hands

Wash and sanitize your hands properly when you touch anything which can give you corona virus. Sanitizing your hands at a regular interval will keep you healthy and safe from contracting a virus.

With all the above tips, be attentive to the situation and plan accordingly. Don’t be careless as a traveler because getting sick far from your homeland is nothing but a nightmare!

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