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Nassau ‘Tropical Paradise’ – Bahama’s Most Visited Tourist Destination

If you dream about the perfect long stretches of powdery sand, lapped by sea in sublime shades of blue, then probably the Bahamas is the place to spend your next vacation. It is home to 700 islands and more than 2,000 small cays, dotted across the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. When visiting the Bahamas, Nassau should definitely be part of your charter itinerary. Nassau – the nation's capital located on New Providence Island, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Bahamas and one of the most preferred scuba destinations in the Bahamas as well.

Tourist Destinations Bahama

About Nassau

The bustling cruise port, Nassau is a stunning beach city that gives every traveler a taste of both worlds – the urban sophistication & tropical paradise as well as a place where the new world meets the old. Although being the nation’s capital and the center of commerce and activity in the Bahamas, its atmosphere is free from all hustle and bustle of city life. Tourists have a never ending list of activities to participate in as there are plenty of attractions that people can choose to visit. The relaxed atmosphere and the gorgeous weather in Nassau offers the perfect ambiance to spend your vacation.

Must Visited Tourist Destinations in Nassau

Pleasure seekers flock here from across the world to bask on the creamy sands of Cable Beach and to relax in the warm tropical climate. Were you thinking shopping? If that is what you are looking for, there are plenty of downtown establishments to sooth your appetite. Irrespective of the developments in the recent past, Nassau is still steeped in colonial charm. Visitors can witness this old-world elegance in the city's candy-colored colonial buildings, old forts, and grand hotels.

1) Atlantis Paradise Island – A luxury hotel, water park, aquarium and entertainment complex is one of the top attractions in all the tourist destinations of Bahamas. Animal lovers can swim with the dolphins. Another highlight is Leap of Faith which plunges riders down an 18-meter drop through a tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon.

2) Paradise Island – Formerly known as Hog Island, the tourist hub is connected to the mainland by two bridges and forms the harbor at Nassau. Besides the water park at Atlantis, prime attractions here include Marina Village, Hog Island Lighthouse, and the more peaceful Versailles Gardens and French Cloister. Entrance to the garden is free of cost.

3) Blue Lagoon Island – Popularly known as Salt Cay, Blue Lagoon Island offers a range of water sports as well as close-up encounters with dolphins and sea lions. This is one of the most popular side trips from Nassau. Activities include: snorkeling and swimming in the lagoon along with relaxing in hammocks that can be found dotted along the palm-lined beach.

For first time visitors, these are the highest recommended tourist attractions in Nassau, otherwise there are many which can be experienced or explored upon visiting such as: Government's House, Queen's Staircase, Pirates of Nassau Museum, Nassau Straw Market and many others.

Scuba Destinations Nassau, Bahamas

During the scuba diving adventure, explore the fabulous undersea world off the shores of Nassau and Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Just a few miles away from the port, amazing coral gardens, brimming with marine species are awaiting your presence. Under the guidance of a professional aboard a custom dive vessel, visit some of the best scuba destinations Bahamas.

Best Places To Scuba Dive in Nassau

# Lost Blue Hole – It is a great diving site as one can swim across the gorgeous reef and see plenty of marine species, making it perfect for underwater photographers. The rim of the hole is home to a myriad of species including an array of tiny fish, such as tobacco fish, gobies, and jawfish. Blacknose sharks can be seen cruising the bottom of the hole during the late spring and early summer, while nurse sharks can be found throughout the year.

# Shark Experience – Stuart Cove located in Nassau is dotted with many dive sites, however, amongst them the shark dive is the most famous. Don't miss a visit to Stuart Cove and make direct contact with the cove's plentiful Caribbean reef sharks – not dangerous but giant. It’s exhilarating, especially as you’re gearing up, and just one look over the side of the boat gives you a bird’s-eye view of a half-dozen or so sharks circling below.

# Tongue of the Ocean – Another most famous diving site of Nassau is Tongue of the Ocean. Imagine diving around the top rim of the Grand Canyon, with a seemingly endless blue abyss below you. Encrusted with colorful corals and giant purple tube sponges, the walls are a magnet for pelagic sea life approaching from the open ocean. The wall-tops are also littered with minor ship wrecks.

The Bahamas, an archipelago with views that are guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Thousands of tourists each year visit Nassau and it ranks first on the list of the best tourist destinations in the Bahamas. It is also the most preferred scuba destinations in the Bahamas for the stunning views of the beaches, crystal clear blue water of the sea, and exotic tropical climate.