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Sailing the Bahamas on Luxury Yacht Charters

Located just an overnight sail away from the busy streets of South Florida, lies the beautiful Bahamas which is considered by many to be, one if not, the best sailing destination anywhere in the world. Engrossing 700 islands with more than 2000 cays interspersed across the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean, this tropical ecstasy is perhaps a beach lovers dream consuming stretches of powdery sand surrounded by a sea of water with varying turquoise shades. If you have never cruised or sailed through the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas before, you might be wondering which are the “best” islands and what sailing conditions should be considered when chartering your course.

From holidays to leisure visits, your excursions will certainly become unforgettable if you choose to sail across the Bahamas on your own private chartered luxury yacht.

Best Tourist Destinations Bahama

Sailing To Your Destination

If Bahamas is included in your upcoming holiday plan- either as an island hop down the tricky trail to the Caribbean or as your favorite destination, you may consider initiating your trip from the East Coast and crossing over into the Bahamas for a week long geataway. For that matter, you can cross from a variety of locations while sailing through the Bahamas, but be sure to pay a visit to hot spots Cat Cay or Bimini if the opportunity provides. Many visitors also make Abacos the first stop when leaving from Fort Lauderdale or Miami as this provides some Gulf Stream fun.
The expedition to the islands is sure to be a delightful one, and so please check the list of most popular islands visited by a majority of tourists across the Globe below:

The Biminis Islands

The Bimini islands include the Gun cays and Cat cays which can be a great first stop for Bahamas cruisers. These islands are perfect places to relax and explore before proceeding towards the Great Bahama Bank.

Abacos Islands

This island group is located on the northern Bahamas and contains well known destinations for both experienced and new yacht enthusiast. Most of the excursions to this island group head towards the picturesque locations of Hope town and Marsh Harbor as well.

Andros Islands

Considered as the largest island group among all other groups in the Bahamas, the Andros makes an interesting stop for many tourists due to the presence of US Navy’s Atlantic Underwater Testing and Evaluation Center. Moreover, if you are interested in scuba diving, the Andros provides great scuba and snorkeling access to the barrier reef which extends 140 miles along the east coast and up to 6,000 feet deep along the western edge of what is considered The Tongue of the Ocean.

Berry Islands

If you are in search of solitude, this impressive islands group is a must-go during your Bahamas excursion because most of the cays remain uninhabited. The only place inhabited by people is the famous Chub Cay where you can grab a lunch or dinner at Flo’s Conch Café and enjoy taking part in the real Bahamian experience.

Exumas Islands

Besides being interesting and gorgeous, The Exumas are a cruising paradise for most of the Bahamas visitors as they offer snorkeling, great sailing and an amazing fishing experience. You can select from a range of anchorages that provides everything needed in a cruiser’s voyage.

Nothing can compare with the amazing experience accompanied by sailing through the Bahamas islands on a luxury yacht. So, plan your next amazing vacation to the Bahamas by finding a website that will assist in discovering the destinations that are unique to your specific needs and then the luxury vessel that will take you there.